About Us

Genetics Research, LLC is located in Wakefield, Massachusetts. The company has developed innovative and proprietary technologies for the development of products supporting genomic analysis in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.


Thomas A. Shields - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur most of his career, Tom Shields has owned and operated a number of businesses, ranging from the garment industry to steel fabrication. He is Chairman & CEO of Dalton Electric Heating Company, past Chairman of the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (overseeing health care for employees and retirees of the Commonwealth), Chairman Emeritus of Massachusetts Family Institute, founding Chairman of Alpha New England, and founding Chairman of the Coalition for Marriage and Family. Previously Tom has been with Harvard Community Health Plan for 10 years, including as Chairman of the Finance Committee and President/CEO of Harvard Community Plan of New England. He has served on the Board of Advisors or Board of Directors of a number of privately held companies, ranging from internet startups to steel processing. A graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy and Admiral Rickover’s nuclear power program, Tom served in nuclear submarines for three years and on the faculty of the Naval Academy before winning a fellowship to Harvard Business School, graduating in 1969.

Anthony P. Shuber - President and Chief Operating Officer

Genetics Research was launched based on Tony Shuber’s original concept of performing negative enrichment utilizing the CRISPR/Cas9 technology. Tony is a scientific leader in the life sciences industry with over 25 years of experience in both Diagnostics and Applied Genomics.  Prior to Genetics Research, he was VP and Chief Science Officer of Nabsys Inc. (next-generation mapping technology) where he developed the clinical strategy for the application of Structural Variation analysis in oncology.  Prior to Nabsys, Tony was the Chief Technology Officer at publicly-traded Ignyta, Inc. where he co-invented a novel approach to WGS, and identified a multi-omic sample preparation platform for CTC, DNA, RNA and protein enrichment for a liquid biopsy associated companion diagnostic approach.

Prior to Ignyta, Tony was Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Predictive Biosciences and led the company’s overall scientific efforts and applied research team in developing and commercializing the first non-invasive diagnostic test (CertNDxTM) which combined protein and DNA analysis in a single assay.  Tony also previously served as Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for publicly-traded Exact Sciences Corporation, where he received the Colorectal Cancer Network associated Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award for the development of proprietary sample preparation and analytical technologies for the early detection of colorectal cancer. Prior to Exact Sciences, he directed and managed the Technology Development group at Genzyme Genetics where he spearheaded the development and commercial launch of multiple DNA-based diagnostic tests.  Tony began his commercial career at Genetics Institute where he focused his efforts on the heterologous expression of human genes in bacteria for therapeutic applications.

Tony is co-inventor of GR’s negative enrichment technology, has over 100 issued and pending US patent applications, and has numerous publications in such prestigious journals as The New England Journal of Medicine.  Tony also holds positions on advisory boards and is well known in the venture capital community. He earned his undergraduate (BS in Biology) and graduate (MS in Molecular and Developmental Biology) degrees from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Thomas D. Abert - Chief Financial Officer and Vice President Finance & Administration

The first investor in ZS Genetics, the predecessor of Genetics Research, Tom Abert offers a rich background in technology development and management. As a growth-oriented senior financial and operational executive he understands how to bring a vision to life, making a business from a technology, as well as deep experience working with start-ups and finance. He has a special focus in Intellectual Property-driven industries and startup environments in: life sciences, technology (SaaS, hardware, telecom, and networking), consumer electronics, financial services and direct marketing.  Some highlights include the launch and growth of Hifi.com, a start-up venture for Cambridge SoundWorks (owned by Creative), and the launch and management of PC Connection’s online business and online customer service center. Early technology management experience was at AT&T, including Bell Labs, where Tom helped develop global multimedia networks and applications. His career began in finance, in both investment banking/corporate finance and trading.  Since joining Tom has had principal responsibility for the day to day running of the Company. Tom holds an AS in computer science and a BA in music theory from Keene State College, USNH, and an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.