Negative Enrichment™

Genomics is integral to biotech. Good sample preparation is critical for genomics in order to avoid garbage-in/garbage-out, and drowning in data. The efficiencies and accuracy of Genetics Research Negative Enrichment platform provides an effective approach to sample preparation that yields consistent results focused on the information needed and nothing more.

The Negative Enrichment technology is agnostic to the size of targeted sequence of interest. It can be used for rare event detection as represented in cfDNA (e.g. Liquid Biopsy). Design and development of mutation specific or allele specific Cas9/guide RNA complexes followed by our proprietary Negative Enrichment approach should enable easier detection of tumor associated mutations in the plasma of cancer patients and result in an increase of clinical informativeness in a recurrence population as well as for early detection. Rare event detection is also common to the area of infectious disease diagnostics. GR’s unique approach to enrichment can also address the complexity of NGS based metagenomic pathogen and microbiome diagnostics and can result in accelerating the commercialization of such tests.

Negative Enrichment™ Applications